The always ready way to acai

or no Subscription

The subscription business model has taken strides the past few years. So much so, there are now phone apps dedicated to getting people off a subscription service while secretly subscribing you. Açai-To-Go came to Artisan because the idea of subscription Açaí was not something that existed, and they wanted to dip their toes in the water. After researching the industry and Açaí-To-Go’s competitors, Artisan proposed a creative strategy containing a series of short, comical, and viral ads run in digital and social media channels.

Acai Ad 1 Acai Ad 2 Acai Ad 3 Acai Ad 4

Understanding the business model, the audience and the brand, the message that needs to be crafted had to incorporate parts of the brands features through the prism of a subscription service. Enter A Always-Ready to Açaí. This messaging strategy was built on leveraging the great Açai bowl craze while highlighting how the product in uniquely positioned for this new way to of delivery.

in My Day

Understanding the audience was essential in deciphering whether subscription service Açaí was a viable business model for the brand moving forward. Leveraging the brand sales and market research, Artisan used cultural call-backs in these ads in order to explicitly attract their audience while also creating an awareness around a brand who isn’t afraid to take risks.