Battier Mockup

The Meaning

Symbolized in The Battier Take Charge Foundation’s new logo is the organization’s spirit and values. Tasked with creating one defining mark, we helped illustrate the foundation’s drive to empower students through education.

Battier logo meaning
Battier Mockup

A New Look

We created a dynamic, modern and sophisticated logo, along with a cohesive series of logos for their educational programs.

Battier logo sketches on paper
Battier logo Before


Battier logo After


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A new Home

Though one organization, The Battier Take Charge Foundation has three entirely different audiences: students looking to enroll, sponsors interested in donating, and other institutions seeking partners. For their new website, we crafted a unifying message, design and site architecture that worked for everyone — while speaking to the foundation’s core values.

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“I’m super impressed and grateful for the level of detail in the logo, mission, and flavor of our foundation. I love everything about the new look, the colors, the design. You guys really worked hard and gave our mission a great deal of thought.”

Shane Battier

President - Battier Take Charge Foundation