Carnival Funderstruck Flyer

What the Funderstruck?

The importance of the travel agency when it comes to booking cruises cannot be overstated. These travel agents are crucial to ensuring an incredible experience on a cruise, not just for first-timer cruisers, but for all customers. As a result, Carnival Cruise Lines came to Artisan Agency asking for a Print ad campaign that could incorporate Carnivals new Funderstuck campaign and with its ever-green Travel Agents Rock campaign to celebrate these travel agents and their role in creating memorable experiences aboard a Carnival cruise.

Sky Background

Concept or Idea

Although the initial request from Carnival was for a few ad executions based on a very detailed brief, Artisan decided on developing multiple ad campaign concepts, each with its own take on the main idea. Each concepts contained multiple headlines that showcased the ability each concept has to extend the campaign.

Carnival Flyers

The Finishing

A wonderful headline and a strong call-to-action are necessary for an efficient print campaign, but what makes a truly great campaign is the photography, layout, and type design. Working within the constraints of two Carnival sub brands, Artisan created ads where the layout construction and type design perfectly accentuated the message and photography.

Funderstruck mockup creation process
Carnival Funderstruck Flyer