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A Brand Begins
with a Name

Several of South Florida and Texas's top networks of primary care centers came together under one new brand: Conviva Care Centers. Our task was to oversee brand development and roll out into the market, making it one of the largest primary care brands in the country. Because of the demands of its diverse patient population, we set out to build a brand name that is language neutral and carries its brand promise so it can stand out in a class of its own in a very saturated market.

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But it Encompasses
Much More

We knew development and visualization of Conviva’s story, tone and voice would be equally important. For their Medicare demographic, the focus is simple and clear: everything Conviva does - from offering top physicians to transportation - is about each individual patient.

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Structured to create clarity for the consumer

Not only were brands being consolidated, but business lines were being defined. The problem: How do we use brand architecture to best define three separate entities with three separate targets? The decision was centered on maximizing equity at the patient (consumer) level to roll up equity to the B2B brands. While this happens, we are introducing the Management and Physician brands to the patient subtly and seamlessly to eliminate confusion.

Brand Architecture Modeling & Final Solution

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A Digital Solution

Our work considered a consumed perspective and an industry one. Functional digital solutions were developed for the consumer-facing website and also extended to the B2B side of the business, both internal and external. The website features an advanced locations listing that connects to a variety of online directories and showcases physician bios.

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For a particularly unique challenge, Conviva approached us with a clinical objective: drive more people — on the B2C and B2B side — to get the flu shot. Enter our award-winning “Flucula” campaign. Born out of the idea that a fictional antagonist (the flu) could bring people together over a common cause, we created an interactive experience for patients visiting the doctor and employees working there. In the end, flu shot participation skyrocket as Conviva doubled the amount of employees opting in and saw 50% more patients get the shot.

Flucula ideas
Conviva Center Flucula used in different ways