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One way to define the US Hispanic market is complex. Part of that complexity includes an audience that proudly identifies as being 100% American and 100% Latino simultaneously. Seeking to build an online community for that group, Univision created Se Habla USA.

Partnering with Univision, Artisan was asked to take this account from its inception and grow it to become one of the most fun, engaging, relatable, and relevant US Hispanic social accounts on Instagram.

Artisan's core responsibilities include developing content, managing the community, working with influencers, managing media, and overseeing long-term account growth.

Custom Content

At the center of @sehablausa is a content strategy branded to the “Se Habla aesthetic” — which requires constant art direction, illustration, writing and production. The end result is a feeling of premium, thoughtful content for followers.

Latin Culture is Many Cultures

Often overlooked in Hispanic marketing are the nuances between Latin subcultures, i.e. people use different words for the same thing and have very different norms. We’ve turned this challenge into an art for @sehablausa, embracing it as an strategy and a way to interact with followers.

Se Habla USA banner