STEM Learning Lab

A STEM Lab with
different roots

The STEM Learning Lab is an educational lab from the University of California, Irvine. The labs main purpose is to create real-life educational programs that are unique, innovative and fun–all while bringing the local community together. Although STEM is a well-known term, this Learning Lab plays off the acronym and applies a social dynamic (The Social, inTegrated, Engaged, & Meaningful Learning Lab) meant take the style of learning to a whole new level by applying innovative methods and technology. This STEM Learning Lab needed a brand to stand on its own and Artisan was tasked to do just that.

Stem Learning Lab
Empty Basketball Court

One of the most successful programs was Fraction Ball. The idea was to develop a real-life solution to learning fractions but in a fun way that kids will enjoy and engage with. The idea of splitting a sports field into different segments was created and basketball was the most viable of all the sports. Artisan then went ahead and designed the court and then an artist took that design and brought it to life.

Basketball Court with kids playing

Supermarket Speak

With the overwhelming success of Fraction Ball, Supermarket Speak was created inside supermarkets to help the underserved immigrant community understand the US metric system. Artisan created multiple bilingual signs that we aimed at helping supermarket shoppers understand the conversion between the system they used a children and the American system.

Supermarket Ad 1
Supermarket Ad 2
Supermarket Ad 3